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Uivador Da Broa

Recommend **** APSL Stud Horse
Champion Male
Champion Stallion
Gold Medal Winner
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Cai-Cai das Arcas

6th MCI European Championships 2015

Specialized Trick Training Available at Pen Llyn

Pen Llyn Lusitanos Leading Abersoch and Brecon Jazz Parades
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Rupert on Uivador
Uivador in Spanish Walk
"Janine Pendlebury is a true genius, and that rare thing - a Grand Prix level rider who can train horses and teach people as well as she rides herself. She has that special gift of being able to take all the stress out of dressage and replace it with joy, so both you and the horse partner up quickly and effectively. In just 20 rides she an her superb schoolmaster stallions transformed me from a cross country rider to a classical rider able to handle changes, laterals, piaffe, passage and even airs and pirouettes on a variety of horses. Even to the extent that I could confidently get on horses not trained by her and perform the same movements well. Unlike many trainers Jan genuinely wants to see each rider become as good as they can possibly be and gives you all the tools to gt there. And I'm not the only one she's done this for. There is a reason why I fly halfway across the world to take lessons at Pen Llyn. In one hour with Jan you will get further than a week at many other training facilities. Spend a week with her and her incredible schoolmasters and you will be transformed into that classical rider you always wanted to be but didn't know how to become. Put simply: if you are serious about classical and want to experience true joy on horseback, go to Pen Llyn. "

Rupert Isaacson, Texas USA.


"We first came to Pen Llyn as a birthday treat and four years later we are still treating ourselves! Jan's knowledge and teaching skills are matched by her fabulously talented schoolmasters whose gentleness and enthusiasm makes riding them a real buzz. Pressing the 'right buttons' and getting the response you hope for from the Luso boys is always a thrill. Everybody at Pen Llyn is friendly and very dedicated. We always have a great time whenever we visit the Stud and the Llyn Peninsula is a wonderful place for a relaxing weekend. We look forward to many more super lessons and improving our riding skills further."

Angie and Iain Bell

Iain and Sam Angie and Litri
Iain and Sam
Angie and Litri

"After 30+ years of riding and many hours of lessons, I have finally found an fantastic establishment with horses who are capable and willing to execute advanced dressage moves, as a result of their gentle and skilled training.

Jacqui on Syrus
Jacqui and Syrus
As an experienced rider I have been given the opportunity to develop my dressage skills to a level I never thought possible thanks to the exceptional teaching and genuine talented horses.

When I am having a bad day at work the two things that keep me going are looking back to the memories of my lessons at Pen Llyn and looking forward to my next weekend of lessons."

Jacqui Kydd, Cheshire


"I have been riding horses for 30 years and developed a real love of dressage riding after about 15 years. I first rode at Pen Llyn in March 2005 and have returned twice a year ever since (I would visit more frequently if I could). The horses are fantastic, and are schooled with compassion and care which allows their individual characters to shine through. They are intelligent and willing horses and an absolute pleasure to ride.

In my experience Pen Llyn provides the highest standard of teaching, the teachers are excellent communicators who encourage and challenge the rider in each lesson. The indoor riding school is the best I have ever ridden in, light, not dusty, with a view to the hills on one long side, and lots of room to work your horse.

I keep going back to Pen Llyn because I have always received a warm welcome, it has an relaxed atmosphere, and clients receive amazing lessons on the most beautiful horses I have ever ridden. They have a great range of horse to suit all. I go to Pen Llyn with 2 other riders, and each of us rides differently.

Alyson on Uivador
Alyson and Uivador
Janine is wonderful at allocatiing horses which suit both the riders natural style and challenge the rider - and I have never found anywhere else where that happens.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Pen Llyn Lustitano Riding Centre to anybody who wants improve their dressage riding and have the most fabulous time. Once you've been you will always want to back"

Alyson Balme, Cheshire.


"My name is Elin McGowan, and luckily I live only 7 miles away from Pen Llyn Riding Centre. I have been having classical riding lessons there for about 5 years. When I started riding I had had an absence from riding of about 15 years and before that had ridden all sorts of horses including a Spanish stallion while working in Australia but I didn't have any classical training in my background. I wanted to get back into horses and intended to buy a Spanish horse but knew I needed to get back into riding before that. I teach at a secondary school and it was one of the students there that told me about the Lusitanos stud at Llaniestyn. The Spanish and Lusitano are closely related so I rang them up for my first lesson.

For the last five years I have ridden many of Janine's horses and have never had a boring or poor lesson. I have continued to learn from Janine and the horses. I have had the pleasure of riding the high school trained Lusos, stallions and geldings, Impar, Cajarim, Mercurio, Samorim, Nahome, Litri (Louise's little pocket rocket, and all stallion) and Uivador the gold medal, World Champion Lusitano, as well as countless number of young luso geldings, partbreds, Spanish and a gorgeous gypsy cob called Apache who is an honorary Luso. They all have 2 things in common. The are all a pleasure to ride and they will all teach you something different. The horses all know their work but they are far from the press button robot of many schools. You do have to ride them and when you succeed to ride them as you should it is absolute bliss and that is what keeps me going for lessons. It's always a personal challenge. Janine is a fine instructor. She never shouts or makes you feel uncomfortable, she encourages and guides you and if you don't seem to understand what's wanted she will say it in a different way which usually works. You can ask her about what you are doing and she'll discuss it with you. Some instructors I've seen and had lessons with shout and make you feel insignificant, probably because they don't know how to instruct. I have never seen Jan belittle anyone. She will puch you and encourage you giving you the confidence to learn. The staff at the centre are all really nice. They're always welcoming and smiling which is exactly what you want when you go somewhere; and they all ride beautifully.

I breed Spanish horses but also teach at secondary school full time so I really needed help so as to bring on my three year old Alhambra. To school youngsters you need consistency and patience. Alhambra has been well handled at home but I wanted her to have a good foundation to her schooling. I would not trust my horses to just anyone. I have seen Janine and her staff train youngsters, they are calm and knowledgable. They love the work they do, they know what they are doing and they have an abundance of patience. My filly started her schooling on the 4th August after the Spanish Show and today on 11th October I had my first ride on her. We walked, trotted, cantered (with another youngster in the school at the same time, Janine's Champion Luso filly Bohemia), did 3 loop serpentines and the beginnings of Leg Yield. Absolutely amazing. My filly ended the lesson as happy as can be and I couldn't stop smiling. I really couldn't expect more. I'm so very pleased with her progress and with how very contented she is. I've seen Jan school many horses. She watches what they are doing and will only move on with something new when she sees that the horse is ready and able to move up a step. If a horse is having trouble with something she will figure out a way to find it easier for it to understand. She know's what she's doing, but will also work hard to increase her own knowledge and understanding. Always, in my opinion, a sign of a good educator, for equines or humans.

Thank you to you all at Llaniestyn."

Elin McGowan, Llyn Peninsula.



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Uivador Da Broa